where is kalimpong ?

Kalimpong is a city in the Indian state of West Bengal and the district headquarters of a well-known district.

● The region comes under the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration, an autonomous body of the state of West Bengal.

● The 27 Mountain Division of the Indian Army is located on the outskirts of the city.

kalimpong road
kalimpong road


kalimpong view point :
kalimpong height :

● The city center is located on a hill connecting two hills, Deolo Hill and Durpin Hill, at an elevation of 1,247 meters (4,091 ft).
● The highest points in Kalimpong are Deolo at 1,704 m (5,591 ft) and Durpin Hill at 1,372 m (4,501 ft).
● River Teesta flows in the lower valley and separates Kalimpong from the state of Sikkim.
● The soil in Kalimpong area is generally reddish. Dark soils are sometimes found due to the widespread presence of phyllite and schist.
● Like much of the Himalayan foothills, the Shivalik Hills have steep slopes and soft, loose topsoil, resulting in frequent landslides during the monsoon season.
● The hills are interspersed with high peaks and the snow-capped Himalayas tower above the city.
● Kanchenjunga, the world's third highest peak at 8,586 m (28,169 ft), is clearly visible from Kalimpong.
kalimpong market :
● Haat Bazaar - Raja Dorji Market, Kalimpong
● The classic open-air market, known as a "haat bazaar," is a place where local villagers are permitted to erect temporary booths.

kalimpong trekking
kalimpong trekking


Kalimpong gained notoriety for its educational establishments, many of which date back to the British colonial era.
Before the Chinese annexation of Tibet and the Sino-Indian War, it was a gateway for trade between Tibet and India.
In the 1980s and more recently in 2010, proposals for the creation of a separate state called Gorkhaland centred around Kalimpong and its neighbour Darjeeling.
● The municipality sits on a ridge overlooking the Teesta River and is a tourist destination due to its temperate climate, natural environment and proximity to popular tourist spots in the region.

Horticulture is important for Kalimpong:
● It has a flower market notable for its wide variety of orchids; The nursery, which exports Himalayan flower bulbs, tubers and rhizomes, contributes to Kalimpong's economy.
● The Tibetan Buddhist monastery Jong Dhok Palri Fodang houses several rare Tibetan Buddhist scriptures.
● The Kalimpong Science Center established in 2008 under the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council is a recent addition to its many tourist attractions.
● The Science Centre, which imparts scientific awareness among the city's students and locals, is located at the top of Deolo Hill.

kalimpong nature
kalimpong nature


What is Kalimpong known as?

● The Tibetan translation of Kalimpong is the two Tibetan words 'Kalan' meaning king and minister and 'Pong' meaning stockade from "King's Ministers' Stockade".
       ● Some Tibetan scholars translate 'Pong' as assembly, in which case Kalimpong would mean "Assembly of Kings and Ministers".
      ● It's still unknown where the name Kalimpong originated. Numerous ideas exist regarding the name's etymology.
According to a commonly accepted explanation, the term "Kalimpong" originates from the Tibetan words kalan ("king's minister") and pong ("stockade") and means "assembly (or stockade) of the king's ministers" in the language. The term "where we play" may have come from the Lepcha translation, since it was the customary tribal meeting spot for summer athletic activities. Area known as Kolempung ("The Black Spur") by the hillmen.



The name Kalimpong originated from Kalenpung, which means "Mountain of Gathering" in Lepcha, according to KP Tamsang, author of The Untold and Unknown Reality about the Lepchas. Over time, the name changed into Kalibung and then Kalimpong. Another potential source is caulim, a fibrous plant that is common in the area and is referred to as Odal locally. Its scientific name is Sterculia villosa.

kalimpong pin code - 734 301/734 316
Telephone code - 03552
Vehicle registration - WB-78, 79


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